Keep Your Paws Moving Forward - Pivot from COVID-19

Psychologists will tell you there are three responses to stress: fight, flight, or freeze. The COVID-19 crisis has put us all into a stressful situation, and it is up to us to determine how we will react. For Animal Advocates of the US, there really was no choice. We pivoted from COVID-19 and are still moving forward!

Helping Homeless Dogs and Cats by Treating their Mange

Chauncey was a homeless street dog in Mexico suffering from treatable mange. Our volunteers rescued Chauncey knowing that proper care, patience and dedication would transform this diamond in the rough into a beautiful, loving adoptable pet. This is Chauncey's story...

Older Pets Are Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff

A good pet match is one that meets your lifestyle, personality and needs for companionship. Here are five great reasons for considering adopting a senior dog or cat.

Veterinarians Working Beyond Borders

Our spay-neuter clinics in the poorest communities of Mexico attract the most dedicated and adventurous volunteers and veterinarians from the U.S. and Mexico. Two such extraordinary veterinarians came from Massachusetts to participate in our Spay-Neuter Clinic Internship Program where they and others volunteers in the team performed surgery on hundreds of dogs and cats.

Ironing Boards Helping to Fix Homeless Street Dogs and Cats

Our spay-neuter clinics provide a great example of how we make every donated dollar count. Our team of U.S. and Mexican volunteers and veterinarians work under challenging conditions to provide medical care for our rescues. Ironing boards become surgery tables. Community centers become surgery units. Bird cages become carriers. Wheel barrows become post-surgery transport devices..

Making Cat Boxes to Help Stray, Feral or Alley Cats Keep Warm

Here’s a nifty way to help stray, feral or alley cats in your community stay warm — Make a cat box. Some communities have feral cat societies that will help feed or rescue feral cats. But in case your's doesn't, here is a way you can help.