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Volunteer Opportunities

Animal Advocates of the United States is an all-volunteer organization consisting of people from both sides of the U.S./ Mexican border. AAofUS always seeks new and dedicated members to add to our team. While many of our volunteers travel to Mexico to assist in kennel work, transport animals and supplies, and set up special events, we are fully aware that not everyone is able or inclined to travel across the border. Therefore, we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

At a spay-neuter clinic in Mexico, a volunteer shaves a dog in preparation for surgery

Food Transporter: This task entails collecting dog and cat foods from participating donor merchants, and either dropping them off at the home of one of the AAofUS co-founders, or taking them directly to Mexico. This is a perfect job for someone who is 18 or older, has a valid driver's license and reliable transporta- tion, and can lift large bags of dog or cat food weighing up to 60 pounds.

Kennel Worker: While we appreciate volunteers of all kinds, the job of kennel worker requires a very special sort of person. This job involves traveling to Mexico regularly, cleaning kennels, feeding and watering the animals, and providing basic care for sick and injured animals. Ideal candidates for kennel working include those with a proper passport and a big heart. You must be able to work hard, and emotionally withstand working with suffering animals, while showing them genuine compassion and affection rather than merely "going through the motions."

Veterinarian or Veterinary Assistant: This job is perfect for someone who is either a licensed veterinarian, or attending veterinary school, or interested in becoming a veterinary assistant. This job will require a passport, a willingness to travel to Mexico regularly, and the ability to perform spays and neuters, or assist in performing them. You must feel comfortable working with sick and injured animals, as well as administering vaccines and medications through hypodermic injection. Prior veterinary experience is not necessarily required; for basic tasks, we can provide training in basic medical care.

A volunteer veterinarian administers the spay procedure at a clinic in Mexico

Event Coordinator: This volunteer would set up fundraisers and awareness campaigns. This task is suited to someone who is a go-getter, is well-organized, has great "people" skills, and is willing to donate at least one weekend per month to setting up and administering an event.

Volunteer Coordinator/Supervisor: Because AAofUS accepts temporary assistance from court-ordered volunteers with minor offenses, this task will require someone who can manage people well, and motivate those who may be somewhat resistant to volunteering. You must be organized, willing to work with e-mail extensively to promote volunteer programs, and have the ability and disposition to work with others as a team.

Assistant Web Developer: Although AAofUS retains the services of a dedicated web developer, there is still a need for someone who can step in at a moment's notice to perform website maintenance in case the primary developer goes on vacation, or becomes indisposed for some reason. Thoroughgoing web development experience is desirable but not necessarily required. This person should at least be able to work directly with HTML and CSS code using an HTML editor; have some basic facility with cropping, resizing, and compressing images using a basic application such as Microsoft Paint or GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), or a more formidable application such as Adobe Photoshop; and know how to upload/download files to/from a web server using an FTP client program such as FileZilla. Website maintenance tasks would primarily involve updating the Adoptions page of this website, but may also include revising imagery on other pages as needed; the primary developer can provide training in these tasks as necessary. Ideally, the assistant developer should be in a position to take over permanently in case the primary developer is no longer able to work on this site for some reason.

At a spay-neuter clinic in Mexico, volunteers attend to animals coming out of anesthesia following surgery

Foster Volunteer: For those not "in the know," a foster volunteer is one who accepts a dog or cat into their home on a temporary basis, until a more permanent home can be found for the animal. If you have never fostered before, you might find it a truly rewarding experience. Please visit our Foster Volunteers page for details on the AAofUS foster program, as well as a foster application form that you can fill out and submit online.

It should go without saying that some AAofUS volunteers "wear many hats," and perform several of these volunteer assignments at once. Whether you are potentially one of those multifaceted volunteers (who can handle several tasks at once without stretching themselves to the breaking-point!), or wish to perform a single assignment only, please contact us by using the form immediately below. And many thanks from us for your willingness to step forward and volunteer!

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