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Your Donations Will Help!

Donations of money are essential to the continued fulfillment of our mission at AAofUS. Although we are an all-volunteer organization, and gratefully receive supplies of dog and cat food at no cost from several participating donor merchants, a steady influx of revenue is still required to continue funding our spay-and-neuter programs throughout the Baja peninsula; cover the rising costs of fuel and other resources needed to transport food, medical supplies, and animals across the border; ensure that sick and injured animals are provided the medical treatment they need for full recovery; and relieve the suffering of animals who are fatally ill or injured by providing the drugs and compounds required for the ethical, painless euthanasia that is their due.

Fortunately, over the years we have striven to make your donations work as efficiently as possible, chiefly by creating partnerships with veterinarians in the Baja to provide high-quality spay-and-neuter services, other medical treatments, and euthanasia at very low cost. Keep in mind that even your minimum contribution of $10 does a world of good. It will provide 10 meals for each of 10 animals—or in some cases even provide one spay or neuter, which in turn would likely prevent dozens of future dogs or cats from exacerbating the enormous problem of animal overpopulation.

About Donating through Network for Good™

Donations to AAofUS are conducted primarily through an online service called Network for Good™, a nonprofit organization that works with thousands of other nonprofit organizations worldwide, conferring to donors and nonprofits alike a number of valuable benefits and services. These include automated tax receipts for donors, an online donation history, and options to make recurring payments at regular intervals, change privacy settings, designate your donations for specific purposes, and dedicate your donations to another person, or give them as gifts. Moreover, Network for Good™ provides these services at very low cost. Only five percent of your donation is used to administer these services; the other 95 percent goes directly to AAofUS.

Learn more about Network for Good™ by clicking here

Whether you make an occasional one-time donation to AAofUS, or set up a recurring payment plan, you will first have to set up a donor profile on Network for Good™. This is very easy to do, and takes just a few minutes. Before you do, however, please take a few moments to consider the section just below this one, which gives important tips on setting a secure password for your donor profile. And please be assured that Network for Good™ does not sell, rent, or exchange your personal data, and neither do we. We encourage you to learn more about Network for Good™ by clicking their logo on the left, or clicking here. You can also review their Privacy and Security Policy, as well as the entire list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Of course, if you prefer not to donate online, you can send your donations via regular mail as well. Please make checks payable to AAofUS, and mail to AAofUS, P.O. Box 262, El Cajon, CA 92022.

About Password Protection for Your Donor Profile

When you create a donor profile with Network for Good™, your email address becomes a user name for your profile. To log in and manage your profile, you will use your email address and a password. However, it may not be obvious to some that under no circumstances should you use the same password for your profile as for your email. That is not what Network for Good™ intended, and not what they're asking for. Instead, choose a password that is entirely distinct from the one you use to access your email.

Further, when you create a password for this or any other account, you should make it as cryptic and meaningless as possible. People who use passwords such as bluebird47, animallover1962, and mydogmolly are simply setting themselves up for an eventual break-in—particularly by people whom they know, and who are seeking revenge and spite! Even worse, the Internet is awash with a type of malware that fastens onto accounts of all kinds, and through a "brute-force" procedure, automatically tests innumerable combinations of words, letters, numbers, etc. against their password protection in the attempt to "hack" these accounts.

ALWAYS use passwords that are as cryptic and meaningless as possible

Your best defense against the forces that seek to corrupt your online accounts, and possibly steal your identity—whether these forces are human or artificial—is to create a password with a random or pseudorandom combination of upper- and lower-case letters and numerals—even typographical symbols, if permitted by the account in question. Never, never incorporate in your password any meaningful words, meaningful numbers, or even meaningful acronyms, especially if they convey well-known biographical information about yourself. (Always keep in mind that the point of password security is not to make the password easier for you to conjure, or to remember, or to type in; rather, the point is to make it harder for others to do the same!) Second, longer passwords are more secure than shorter ones. To illustrate: even if you devise a short string of six randomized lower-case consonants, such as bvcysn, tgjmrq, or zskkwl, the probability of having your password hacked by humans or malware is less than one in 90,000,000. However, if you create a slightly longer string of nine characters incorporating a random mix of upper- and lower-case letters and numerals—for example, the more legitimate password shown in the image above—the odds of having your account hacked will drop even more dramatically, to less than one in 13,700,000,000,000,000 (that's 13.7 quadrillion).

One more point bears mentioning: Don't use any of the examples presented above as actual passwords; they're for illustration only. There are plenty of free online password generators available; here's one of the better ones.

You are now equipped to create a safe and secure donor profile with Network for Good™, by clicking the silver button immediately below. We sincerely appreciate your desire to contribute to Animal Advocates of the United States!

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